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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Silver Knight by Caron Rider

Silver Knight

Title: Silver Knight
Author: Caron Rider
Pages: 278
Publication Date: Feb. 24th, 2012

Back Cover: When seventeen-year-old Diana recognises an elderly priest in a video on YouTube, she realises that reincarnation is real and that she’s been alive before! Every night in her dreams, she relives her past learning that it’s kill or be killed. Now a bishop at the Vatican whom she saved in another life calls on her once more. She is needed to help defeat evil within the catacombs of Rome. But when she arrives in Rome, she meets Alexander – the man of her dreams! Through the centuries she has loved him…betrayed him...been killed by him. Will she give him another chance or this time will she strike first?
First Lines: In the milky duskiness of the early morning light filtering in through tall, narrow windows in the outer wall, I paused holding very still. I held my breath, listening, waiting.

My Thoughts: Silver Knight is pact-full of romance, history, myths, demons and a strong heroine. What more could anyone ask for in a book?
First of all, the characters' emotions in this book make the reader feel like they are really there going on the journey with the person. When Diana is having visions of her past lives, her fear, anticipation and sometimes even joy are just palpable. I felt myself smiling and frowning and even on the verge of tears. Then there's Alex who is emotionally torn. He doesn't know what to do, and I felt like he doesn't know what his purpose on Earth is anymore.
There was one point in the book about halfway through where the pieces and mysteries just started to add up in my brain and I had this whole elaborate theory about what was going to happen. But then the end turned out to be a complete surprise. There are still some thoughts running though my head about what might happen in the next book that weren't answered in Silver Knight,  but that always has to happen if there is a sequel.
There are some books where the grammar and punctuation is not appealing and even where sentences just cut off halfway through. However, Caron Rider's writing style and use of grammar is phenomenal. It was one of those books which I couldn't put down. The use of research for the history in this book was evident. It just added a whole new perspective to myths and legends.
"Silver Knight takes you on an adventure where demons and heroes from the past blend with history, action, and just a hint of romance." This statement could not be more true. This story captures the reader's attention like a roller coaster; right from the start and does not let go until the very last page.

Rating: 4/5


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  1. Hey Amy! I am so happy that you enjoyed Silver Knight! Thank you so much for helping to spread the word, too, by having it here on your blog. There is a sneak peek of Silver Demon on my website: You might not want to read it though, because I've been accused of being mean. ;)


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